CaloShred Night (90 Capsules)

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CaloShred™ is a complimentary medicine developed to assist in promoting weight loss as part of a ketogenic diet. The ingredients contained in CaloShred have shown to:

  • Thermogenic
  • Promote Gut Health
  • Appetite Control
  • Metabolic Aid
  • Promotes Sleep

CaloShred™ contains an ingredient called Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT  which is a fat made from coconut or palm kernel oil. MCT molecules are much smaller than most fats that we eat every day which is called Long Chained Triglycerides or LCT. This makes MCT much easier to digest. MCT also has less calories compared to LCT.

  • MCT: Has shown to induce a feeling of fullness, can optimise growth of good bacteria and promote a healthy gut lining.
  • Green Tea Extract & Bioperine: Green Tea & Bioperine has a thermogenic effect on the body, which results in activating metabolism to burn fat and calories.
  • ALA: Assists in promoting glucose metabolism.
  • L-Theanine: Promotes healthy sleep patterns.

Dosage and Directions: 

3 capsules at night before dinner with at least 300ml water.


Do not use in conjunction with blood thinning medication. Safety during pregnancy and lactation not established. Treatment is supportive and should not replace prescribed medication without approval from a healthcare professional.


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